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The Skirmish at Whitley Bay is a military engagement that is part of the Vikings-English Wars campaign. It depicts the confrontation between the Vikings and the Kingdom of Northumbria. The event takes place in Season 1 Episode 4, Trial.


After the Raid of Lindisfarne, Ragnar asked Earl Haraldson to go to England again, in order to raid Hexham. When they arrived in Northumbria, they killed a small force, but one soldier managed to flee on a horse. He warns King Ælle, who sends a bigger host commanded by Lord Wigea to defeat the Viking raiders when they return from Hexham. After the raid, the Northmen returned to their boat, only to meet Wigea's host.

The Skirmish[]

The Norse dropped their loot on the ground and prepared to battle. The Saxons made the first move by firing a volley of arrows. Ragnar immediately shouted to form a shield wall, protecting the Vikings from enemy fire. Then, Lord Wigea ordered his troops to charge. The two forces clashed against each other. The Northmen slowly started to gain the upper hand, and although Kauko perished during the fight, the Northmen managed to emerge victorious. The remnants of the Northumbrian host, along with Lord Wigea, fled from the furious Vikings.


The victorious raiders are seen burying their dead, including Kauko. Erik says that Kauko was his kinsman, that his death was done in King Ælle's name, and so the king must pay for his death. Ragnar responds that one day he will, if the gods allow it. Lord Wigea returns to King Ælle to deliver the news of their defeat at Whitley Bay. The furious Ælle throws Lord Wigea into a pit of venomous snakes and states his intension to use his pit of snakes on the Northmen.