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Princess Snæfrid was the daughter of King Svase who Bjorn sought the hand in marriage of confirming The Seer’s prophecy.


Season 5

As her father King Svase allied with Lagertha against Ivar and Harald, she went with her father to Kattegat. When she arrived in there, Bjorn couldn't take his eyes off of her. Later, Lagertha tells the king that her son wishes to engage in a sexual act with her. The King allows this, and the two lovers enter the tent and strip each other before passionately making love. Bjorn is delighted and proposed to her, after getting her father's permission.

During the ambush against the invading forces, Snæfrid found her father in a ditch dead with his face cut open. She begins to realize that the element of surprise they had in the previous battle is gone and that the Sam are losing. Snæfrid takes up his weapons and tries to fight on, only to be cut down herself moments later. Her dead body is found by Bjorn who reacts with grief and sorrow.

In History

Princess Snæfrid is based on the historical figure Snæfrithr Svásadottir. In the sagas she is a Sami woman who becomes the wife of King Harald Finehair. According to the sagas, Snæfrid's father is a giant named Svási. Harald was so in love with her that he spent all of his time with Snæfrid and neglected his kingdom. They had four children in three years. Upon her death it was discovered that she was witch. Harald became furious and sent all his sons with her away.


  • Snæfrid actually has beautiful long, blonde hair which she knows how to hide under her headscarf.


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