Svealand (SwedelandSveoland in old norse) or Svithjod (Swede-folk) is an area in the middle of Sweden, in Scandinavia. It was a petty kingdom, through it's exact status in Vikings has yet to be specified.

In Vikings

In Vikings the exact politics of Svealand is yet to be explored. The House of Sigfred seems to have been in control of the area at the end of the 8th century. Earl Bjarni was an earl of Svealand and the cousin of King Horik and Horik's presence at Uppsala rather than a Swedish king, suggesting they where in power of the area. Following the collapse of the House of Sigfred, the rulership of Svealand is unknown. The servant Hild says she is from Uppsala, making her a Swede.

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Characters from Svealand:

Geographical Description

Svealand are populated by the ethnic group known as Swedes (Svear). It's divided by Södermanland (Southmen's Land), Västmanland (Westmen's Land), Tinundaland, Fjädrundaland, Närke, Dalarna (The Valleys), Gästrikland, Roden (also known as Roslagen) and Attundaland. During the 9th century, the english merchant Wulfstan reported to Alfred The Great that the areas of Blekinge, Möre (a part of Småland), Öland and Gotland belonged to the Swedes. There are a high concentration of areas dedicated to the gods, most prominantly Uppsala. Other's include Thor's Harg, Odin's Harg, Freytuna, Odinsvi, Odinslunda and Freyáker. 

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