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Svealand (Old Norse: Svíþjóð) is the historical core of Sweden, in Scandinavia. Svealand is the original Sweden to which it gave its name. It is a petty kingdom. The people of Svealand are called Svear, from which is derived the English Swedes.

In Vikings[]

The House of Sigfred seems to have been in control of the area at the end of the 8th century. Earl Bjarni was an earl of Svealand and the cousin of King Horik. Horik's presence at Uppsala, rather than a Swedish king, suggests they where in power of the area. Following the collapse of the House of Sigfred, the rulership of Svealand is unknown. The servant Hild says she is from Uppsala, making her a Swede.

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In Vikings: Valhalla[]

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In History[]

Svealand consists of the capital region called Mälardalen in the east, Roslagen in the northeast, the forming mining district Bergslagen in the center, and Dalarna and Värmland in the west. Svealand is located in south central Sweden and is one of the three historical lands of Sweden. It was bordered to the north by Norrland and to the south by Götaland. Deep forests separated Svealand from Götaland.

In the time depicted in Season 1 of Vikings: Valhalla, Olof Skötkonung is possibly the current king of Sweden.