Tanaruz was a Moorish girl from Spain, who’s biological parents were slaughtered and killed by Viking Raiders. Afterwards Tanaruz was adopted by Helga and Floki after her parents were killed in the Algeciras Massacre.


Season 4

In Algeciras Spain Bjorn and his men attack a market; Halfdan kills Tanaruz's father while King Harald kills her mother by slicing her throat with his sword in front of her daughter. She is later taken by Helga to Kattegat to become her adoptive daughter.

Tanaruz meets Ivar when he visits Floki for his help but is still terrified.

Helga and Floki are discussing the attack on England and Helga mentions that she and Tanaruz are coming with him because they are a family again but Floki says that Tanaruz is not yet eating appropriately.

Later, she assists briefly at the Earl Jorgensen's death by the hands of Lagertha and accompanies Floki and Helga in the raid on England. She escapes briefly and Helga demands that Floki search for her. Floki finds and reassures her, we see that Tanaruz is more afraid of Helga than Floki.

Tanaruz is seen with Helga after the Great Heathen Army enters in the capital of Wessex and King Ecbert surrenders at Bjorn and Ivar. When they walk in the castle, a beam falls in front of them and Helga tells Tanaruz, who is frightened, that she loves her and that she can trust her. Tanaruz, hating Helga more than ever, fatally stabs her with a knife before committing suicide by stabbing herself in the heart.


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