The Berserker

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The Berserker was a roaming mercenary contracted by Erlendur and Kalf to assassinate Bjorn.


Season 4

Kalf and Erlendur learn that Bjorn is isolated in the mountains, and they plot to eliminate him, dispatching a Berserker to carry out the task.

The pair rendezvous with their perspective assassin in the woods outside Hedeby. The Berserker says nothing during the meeting, only offering a menacing grunt in acknowledgement of the terms. Erlendur gives the Berserker his father's signet ring, stating that no one will dare hinder him so long as it is in his possession.

The Berserker intercepts Bjorn as he is making his return trip from the wilderness. Although initially wounded in the encounter, Bjorn manages to outwit and subdue his opponent. He ties the Berserker to a tree and flays his face with fishhooks, demanding to know who sent him. Despite the intense agony, the Berserker refuses to talk. Bjorn, frustrated with his lack of cooperation, kills the Berserker and strews his entrails across the snowy ground.


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