The Dead is the tenth episode of the third season of Vikings. It is the twenty-ninth episode of the series overall. It first aired on April 23, 2015. It was written by creator Michael Hirst and directed by Ken Girotti.


With one last chance to take Paris, Ragnar and his Vikings troops take a daring chance. Ragnar asks Bjorn for a favor that could change the course of Viking history.


The Franks stand by their promise and pay gold and silver to the Vikings but the raiding party shows no sign of returning home. When asked, Bjorn says his father is too weak to travel and wishes to be given a Christian burial. The Franks agree that, when Ragnar dies, his body may be taken to a cathedral inside Paris.

Many people are still shocked at Ragnar's christening, and when the badly wounded leader apparently dies, Bjorn is left in charge. Ragnar's body is placed into a wooden coffin shaped like a boat. People are then allowed to visit his body. He is visited separately by Lagertha, Rollo and Floki. All three share final words with Ragnar. Lagertha expresses her confusion as she pictures him in heaven and believes Odin will save him from heaven. Rollo expresses how its funny the gods took him first and expresses little grief. Floki tells Ragnar the he loves, hates and resents him.

Afterwards, a few unarmed Vikings escort the coffin through the gates of Paris, where they meet the Bishop. The coffin is brought inside the Cathedral to be blessed, but Ragnar suddenly jumps out of the coffin very much alive. Ragnar takes Princess Gisla as a hostage and forces the guards to open the gates. Ragnar's fellow Vikings stream inside and raid the city.

Soon after, most of the Vikings leave Frankia for home, but a small party, led by Rollo, remain at the river camp. In Paris, Emperor Charles is determined to gain the favour of the northerners, offering Rollo lands and titles and his daughter in marriage in return for defending Paris against his brother. While sailing home Ragnar tells Floki that he knows he is Athelstan's killer.



Guest Starring

Additional Cast (in order of appearance)


  • Katie Castle as Shield-maiden
  • Robert MacDomhnail as Viking Warrior
  • Celine Nihicidhe as Shield-maiden

Episode Deaths

  • French Archbishop


  • Alyssa Sutherland, Kevin Durand, and Linus Roache are not credited and do not appear in this episode.
  • The coffin trick is similar to the way in which the historical Bjorn Ironside captured the Italian town of Luni in the 9th century.
  • The chest in which Ragnar was carried into Paris is in the shape of a ship. It was a common Norse custom to bury prominent figures in ships.
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