The Final Straw is the sixteenth episode in the sixth season of Vikings, and eighty-fourth episode overall. It aired on December 30, 2020.


Out in the open sea, Ubbe and the settlers are at the mercy of the elements. Tension mounts between Ubbe and Othere and when the baby Ragnar begins to weaken, it's the final straw for Ubbe. Meanwhile, Ivar and Hvitserk return to Kattegat.



Guest Starring

Additional Cast

  • Finn Gillespie as Young Viking
  • Noella Brennan as Gudrid
  • Ian Lloyd Anderson as Naad
  • Alexander Campbell as Second Warrior
  • James Oliver Wheatley as First Warrior
  • Jerry-Jane Pears as Idun
  • Shane Robinson as Kattegonian Man
  • Gail Brady as Wife of Drunk
  • Shane Lynch as Moneylender


Episode Deaths

  • N/A
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