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The Marshes is the third episode in the first season of Vikings: Valhalla, and third episode overall. It aired on February 25, 2022.


On a pilgrimage, Freydis and her party are savagely attacked. Harald and Erik seek a route through the marshes near London as Edmund is crowned king.


The Vikings are raiding Kent, England. It's violent and clearly a Viking victory. Leif and Harald work together to hold off the Saxon troops. Liv and the other Greenlanders are deep in the battle. Njal hides in a building to wrap his injured hand. Suddenly a man rushes into the room to grab a chest. He is killed by another Viking warrior who then opens the chest to find coins and other valuables. Njal kills two Saxons as they enter the room, saving the other Viking's life. The two men acknowledge each other before heading back into the battle. Olaf finds a group of women hiding under the floorboards, including Lady Kent. Olaf brings her before the bloodied and victorious Vikings, which include Canute, Leif, and Harald.

On her knees before the Vikings, Lady Kent informs them that King Æthelred is dead, and has been for ten days. His son Edmund is now on the throne. Harald is angry at the loss of his chance for revenge. The Vikings turn their attention to killing Edmund instead.

Meanwhile, in London, Edmund is praying over his father's dead body. He then pulls his father's sword out of its sheath and claims ownership of it. Emma and Godwin enter the room.

The Vikings celebrate their victory in Kent before continuing their journey to London.

Edmund spars with several soldiers in the castle courtyard. He then challenges Godwin who easily defeats him.

Back in Scandinavia, Freydis, Yrsa, and Toke are on their pilgrimage to Uppsala. They stop at a river for water when they are suddenly attacked. Yrsa is gravely injured while Toke is killed.



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