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The Message is the sixth episode of the fifth season Vikings, and the fifty-fifth episode overall. It aired on December 27, 2017.


Lagertha is betrayed, and Bjorn must find a way to support the distraught queen; Floki and his settlers arrive in a new land, but it is far from what they expected.


Bjorn, Halfdan, and Sinric manage to escape from Emir Ziyadat Allah's clutches by using the approaching sandstorm as cover.

Harald and Astrid are in the forest about to make love when a horn is blown. It warns them of Ivar and Hvitserk's approach. Harald asks Ivar if his forces will support him when he invades Kattegat. Ivar says yes but Hvitserk adds only if Ivar is made king. Harald tells him that he has his own plans for Kattegat and Ivar asks what's to stop him from ruling once Ivar is dead and gone. Harald asks about Heahmund and Ivar has him brought in. Harald asks why he doesn't just kill him and Ivar says that he is a great warrior. Harald asks if Heahmund will fight for them and Ivar says if he doesn't want to get crucified.

Aethelwulf returns to King Ecbert's villa. Alfred tells Ecbert's grave about their defeat at the son's of Ragnar. He promises Ecbert that if he ever becomes king that he'll restore his kingdom to its former glory.

Harald asks Ivar what he really wants. Ivar says that he wants revenge and how he dreams of the many ways he'll make Lagertha suffer because she killed his mother.

Lagertha arrives at Floki's and Floki asks her for a swift death because he doesn't want to be imprisoned again for what he's done. Lagertha says that she will allow them to go because what's the point of keeping them here against their will. Ubbe's wife Margrethe, once again points out how Lagertha is weak for sparing Floki and those people.

Ivar tells Heahmund about the approaching war and how it will make him the king of Kattegat. He offers Heahmund a choice: to fight alongside Ivar or he'll kill him. Heahmund asks why he offers him this choice and Ivar says because he'd like to be like Heahmund.

Floki spots land but it isn't exactly what the new settlers were expecting.

Hvitserk says that he wishes he knew who Ivar really was and Ivar says he wants to be the most famous man that's ever lived, even greater than Ragnar. Heahmund begs his god to save him. Ivar and Harald agree to attack Lagertha in two months time.

Alfred tells Judith that he's going to go on a pilgrimage to Lindisfarne. Judith asks why he wants to go and Alfred says that it will help him understand things. That he wants to find out who his father really was and where he came from.

Astrid approaches a man named Hakon and asks him to deliver a message to someone in Kattegat. He agrees but asks to have sex with her because what man wouldn't want to have sex with the queen.

Floki's followers are disappointed by what they've found upon their arrival. Floki tells them that they'll hate him in the beginning but in the end they'll thank him for bringing them to the land of the gods.

Astrid pays Hakon but is raped by him and his crew so that he won't betray her to King Harald. Hakon delivers the message to Lagertha and even tells them about Ivar joining Harald.

Lagertha tells Ubbe that he'll lead the army. Lagertha tells Margrethe that if she hears that she's spoken against Lagertha one more time then Lagertha will cut out Margrethe's tongue and enslave her once again.

Ivar asks Heahmund whether he'll fight for him or will Heahmund die. Heahmund kills a man who's been taunting him and Ivar declares that he will fight for them.



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