The Most Terrible Thing is the seventeenth episode of the fifth season of Vikings, and the sixty-sixth episode overall. It aired on January 9, 2019.


An unexpected turn amongst the settlers leaves Floki powerless. King Alfred confronts Judith. In York, Bjorn must strike a deal with Harald. Wessex is once again threatened by a Viking force, but who will lead the Saxon army to defend the realm?


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  • The title references the quote that Judith said to Alfred about becoming the King.
  • The waterfall featured in this episode is Gullfors, close to Thingvellir where Iceland's first parliament was located.
  • Michael Hirst, creator and writer, informed Adam Copeland in advance that Kjetill was going to massacre and cannibalize Eyvind's family in revenge. Hirst did this prior to the shooting of Season 5 and before the rest of the cast were given the scripts for Season 5B.
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