The Prophet is the second episode in the sixth season of Vikings, and seventy-first episode overall. It aired on December 4, 2019.


Messengers arrive in Kattegat with news that presents Bjorn with a dilemma; Prince Oleg of Kiev seems untroubled by his conscience; Lagertha has settled into her new, peaceful life, but danger lurks nearby.


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Main Cast

Guest Starring

Additional Cast (in order of appearance)


  • David Byrne as Bandit 1
  • Mark Quigley as Kiev Noble
  • Martin White as Bandit 2

Episode Deaths


  • Veliky Novgorod, or Novgorod the Great, is the oldest city in Russia. It was founded in 859 AD by the Varangian Vikings and is considered to be the cradle of Russian statehood. Even though Novgorod is modern Russia's oldest city, the name translates to "New City."
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