The Vision is the twelfth episode of the fourth season of Vikings. It is the forty-first episode of the series overall. It first aired on December 7, 2016. It was written by creator Michael Hirst and directed by Daniel Grou.


The Kattegat locals chide Ragnar that the gods have deserted him as he struggles to crew his voyage to Wessex. It’s Bjorn who has charisma now as he prepares to fulfill his long-held dream to explore the Mediterranean in a sleek new boat built for him by Floki. By contrast, Ragnar must accept weathered boats and a crew he has bribed, but when Aslaug foresees that the fleet will be lost in a vicious storm her warnings go un-heeded by Ragnar and her precious son Ivar.


Ragnar asks locals to accompany him to England. They refuse, saying the gods have deserted him. Ragnar and Bjorn discuss his sailing rout through France, and Bjorn tells him he will seek diplomacy with Rollo. Sigurd chides Ivar that their mother and brothers only feel pity for him. Harald and Halfdan arrive in Kattegat to sail with Bjorn, who is aware that Harald has overthrown many neighboring rulers. Harald assures Bjorn he can never overthrow Ragnar. Lagertha arrives in Kattegat, and agrees with Aslaug to perform a sacrifice to the gods for their sons. Lagertha tells Aslaug she can never forgive her for taking away Ragnar and that she will never be Queen of Kattegat. Ragnar digs up old treasure, and bribes old aged locals to sail with him to England, to the dismay of his sons. Ragnar meets with Aslaug and thanks her for letting their sons love him. Aslaug has a vision of Ivar drowning and warns him that he will die if he goes to England. Bjorn, Hvitserk, Floki, and Harald set sail for the Mediterranean with a fleet of sixty ships. Ragnar and Ivar sail for England, however their ships capsize in a violent storm.



Guest Starring

Additional Cast

  • Jack Olohan as Viking Farmer
  • Anton Giltrap as Guthrum
  • Tristan Heanue as Blacksmith


Episode Deaths

  • N/A
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