The Wanderer is the second episode of the third season of Vikings. It is the twenty-first episode of the series overall. It first aired on February 26, 2015. It was written by creator Michael Hirst and directed by Ken Girotti.


Having defeated Princess Kwenthrith's uncle Brihtwulf, the King of Mercia, in battle, Ragnar and his forces now concentrate on defeating her brother, Burgred. No battle is required however as Burgred's army runs off in fear.

In Wessex, King Ecbert has taken a strong liking to Lagertha as she and Athelstan work to establish their settlement. At Ecbert's castle, Lady Judith asks Athelstan to tell them of the Viking's pagan ways.

In Kattegat, Aslaug, Helga, and Siggy realize they have all dreamed the same dream, featuring a strange man with a burning snowball and a bloody hand.

In Hedeby, Kalf proclaims himself Earl and also has a strange dream involving Ragnar.


After the victory over Princess Kwenthrith's uncle, there is a celebration at which Princess Kwenthrith demands her uncle's head be brought to her. Björn, concerned for Þórunn's safety, admonishes her and then proposes marriage. Prince Aethelwulf goes in search of Princess Kwenthrith's younger brother, Burgred and his army, and captures a soldier who tells him they are awaiting reinforcements at the top of the mountain. Back in Kattegat, Helga, Siggy, and Aslaug share strange dreams about a stranger. Helga meets the stranger from her dreams.



Guest Starring

Additional Cast (in order of appearance)

  • Aaron Monaghan as Prince Burgred
  • Lochlann Ó Mearáin as First Noble
  • Conor Ryan as Second Noble
  • Philip O'Sullivan as Bishop Edmund
  • Matthew O'Brien as Saxon 1 Farmstead
  • Ciarán McGlynn as Saxon 2 Farmstead
  • Lenny Hayden as Viking 1 Farmstead
  • Nigel O'Neill as Viking 2 Farmstead
  • Cathál Ó'Hallin as Hvitserk
  • Cormac Melia as Ubbe
  • Steve Wall as Einar
  • Laurence Falconer as Rider


  • Unknown Baby Actor as Sigurd
  • Unknown Baby Actor as Ivar
  • Robert MacDomhnail as Viking Warrior
  • Yuri Ribeiro as Viking Warrior

Episode Deaths

  • N/A


  • Lothaire Bluteau is not credited and does not appear in this episode.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Harbard.
  • The title of the episode refers to the man in the dreams of Aslaug, Siggy, and Helga.
  • "The Wanderer" is a kenning, a figurative allusion heavily used in Norse poetry, for Odin.
  • In this episode, King Ecbert, having been taught by Athelstan, is now able to converse in Old Norse with Lagertha as seen in the scene where he offered the lump of soil to her as a gift.
  • This episode features the archaic languages of Old Norse and Old English. Old Norse is spoken by the Northmen, such as when Ragnar asks Floki to fetch King Brihtwulf's head. Old English is spoken by Anglo-Saxons, such as when King Ecbert asks Lagertha if she is a free woman.
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