Therese was a Frank noblewoman who lived at the court of Emperor Charles of Frankia, and was Count Odo's mistress.


Season 3

Therese first appears at the cathedral with other nobles praying for the city of Paris. She seems to be interested in Count Odo because of his importance but mostly because of his rejection by Princess Gisla. She mentions a husband of which she claims to be more interested in drinking than in her. Ambitious and in order to curry favor with Odo, Therese goes as far as allowing herself stripped naked, shackled, and flogged in his torture chamber to satisfy his sadistic pleasure.

Season 4

While being in a "relationship" with Odo, Therese was also in an incestuous relationship with her brother Roland, Odo's right hand man. She relays Odo's secrets to Roland, who also treats the wounds she receives from Odo in his torture chamber. She learns of Odo's desire to become Emperor himself. Thus, she and Roland seek a private audience with Emperor Charles, reporting what they learnt about Count Odo. Charles is distressed, but orders them to learn more of the count's intentions before taking further action. After Therese learns more of Count Odo's betrayal, Emperor Charles orders for Odo's execution. Therese suggests to Count Odo for her to whip him instead, to which he agrees, but after he keeps asking her to hit harder, he is hit by Roland. Roland then gags Odo and keeps whips him to death, with Therese present, seeing it as revenge for the harm the Count caused her.

As the Vikings do battle with the Franks, Therese and Roland eat with Emperor Charles. After a brief and unpleasant conversation, in which Charles reveals that he has more trust in Rollo claiming that he has his heart and Rollo has his and that he does not trust both Roland and Therese, he has them both strangled to death by his guards with garrot wire. 


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