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Thora was Hvitserk's lover in Season 5. Unfortunately, she was killed on Ivar's orders, to test Hvitserk's loyalty to his brother. After Thora's death, Hvitserk plots against Ivar to avenge her.


Thora is first seen during Ivar's sacrifice, she says she knows Hvitserk and asks why he is not at the ceremony. Later the two sleep together, and were awaken by Ivar, who enters the home. Ivar tells Hvitserk that he is to cement the alliance with King Olaf by leaving to meet with him in the morning. During the conversation, Ivar makes thinly veiled threats towards towards the wary couple, remarking that it would be petty if he were to have Thora burned alive.

Though angered, Hvitserk complies and says his farewells to Thora before leaving. Around the same time Hvitserk arrives to Olaf's kingdom, Ivar finds that the statue dedicated to him was defaced and sees Thora in the crowd of onlookers. He immediately suspects her and has her brought to him to be questioned. Thora mentions that her parents of spoke of a time when everyone had more freedom under Ragnar, and that Ragnar never forced his will on anyone or claimed to be a god to be worshipped. Ivar, seemingly content with Thora's answer, dismisses her.

However, this was revealed to be a ploy, as he marked her cheek with red paint, which signaled his guards that she is to be put to death. Thora, realizing what is happening, runs and finds her father and other people marked about to be put to death as well. She runs to embrace her father and is quickly captured as well. Thora is forced to watch as other people and her father are set on fire, before she herself was killed in the same manner as well.


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