Thorhall is a danish viking and follower of earl Gunnar Asgrimsson.


Season 4

Thorhall joined earl Gunnar in viking in Wessex, where they wintered after making a deal with king Ecbert.

The following spring they went home and earl Gunnar sent Thorhall as an envoy to Kattegat, trusted with heavy news. He informed Bjorn and queen Aslaug that during that raid earl Gunnar had discovered that King Ragnar's farming settlement in Wessex was destroyed as soon as Ragnar left Wessex. He also discovered that King Ragnar had a son called Magnus in Ecbert court in Wessex. Bjorn questioned the validity of the claim that Magnus was Ragnar and Kwenthriths son, Thorhall dryly replied that he could not know for sure on account of not witnessing the conception, but saw no reason for anyone to lie about it.


  • Presumably the deal made with Ecbert was a danageld.


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