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Thorkell was a Viking Jarl in Norway who arrived to the moot in Tamdrup to vote for a king for all Norway. He didn't approve of limiting his power in his hold or making Bjorn his king. At the moot, he cast his vote in favor of King Harald 'Finehair'. Despite this, Harald mistrusted Thorkell, citing that Thorkell had betrayed his entire family to reach his position. Harald anticipated that Thorkell will turn against him eventually and prepared to make a show of force upon him. In a cruel irony, Thorkell was one of the few vasalls that harked the summon of their new overlord. Thorkell was killed during the Battle for Vestfold.


Season six appearances
New Beginnings The Prophet Ghosts, Gods, and Running Dogs All The Prisoners The Key
Death and the Serpent The Ice Maiden Valhalla Can Wait Resurrection The Best Laid Plans
King of Kings All Change The Signal Lost Souls All At Sea
The Final Straw The Raft of the Medusa It's Only Magic The Lord Giveth The Last Act


  • Thorkell is loosely based on Þorkell inn hávi, a Scanian Jarl and mercenary leader. 
  • The show uses Icelandic pronunciation for his name, where double "l" is pronunced as "tl". In other Scandinavian languages and in Old Norse, it is not.