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Thorunn was the daughter of Kjetill 'Flatnose'. She joined her family on Floki's journey to settle in new lands.


She was married to Helgi the Lean and carrying his child. Like her husband, she attempted to distance herself from the tumultuous feud between their two families. Floki made a heartfelt plea in an attempt to end the infighting amongst the settlers, begging that they resolve their differences for the sake of Thoruuns unborn child. A short time later, she mysteriously vanished from the camp, leaving a despondent Helgi to frantically search for her.

Thoruuns spirit later appeared to Floki as he meditated at Skogafoss. She revealed to him that she had been summoned away by Rafarta, only to be ambushed and killed by Asbjorn, who claimed her unborn child was an abomination. She also told him the exact spot where Asbjorn had buried her. Floki subsequently lead all of the settlers to the location, where they uncovered Thoruuns frozen corpse in a shallow grave.


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