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Tostig is once a mighty and merciless Viking warrior who longs for Odin's Halls.


Early Life

Prior to the events of Vikings, he was a skilled warrior who had often gone on many raids with Haraldson.

Season 1

Tostig attended the funeral of Earl Haraldson. When Ragnar Lothbrok becomes the earl, he swears his allegiance and fealty to him and his family. He then asks Ragnar to bring him with them on their next raid as a favor. The other warriors laugh at him because of his old age, but Tostig explains that during his youth as a warrior, he had watched several of his companions die in battle while he was never gravely wounded. With Haraldson's death, his last old companion has perished. He wishes to die in battle so Odin may take him to Valhalla to dine and feast with the gods and his former companions. Ragnar grants him his request, and the other Vikings agree.

Tostig believed himself to be forsaken and cursed to live in the world forever. In A King's Ransom, Tostig is seen excitedly preparing to fight. He calls for Odin during the battle, and lives through it, much to his disdain. Eventually, Tostig meets his end in battle when their camp is attacked during the Battle of the Tyne. Witnessing his death, Ragnar slays the one who was able to finally kill him. He and Ragnar exchange smiles as Tostig passes away saying, "Valhalla."


  • Though a Northman, the name Tostig is Anglo-Saxon in origin.
  • Tostig serves as a reminder of the fate that could await Ragnar and any other Viking: living into old age with all his former companions dead and only having his own death in battle to look forward to.
  • Despite only appearing for two episodes and having less than ten minutes of screen-time, Tostig became a fan favorite.


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