Ubbe Ragnarsson is the first son of Ragnar Lothbrok and Aslaug. He was conceived out of wedlock which would have made him a bastard, but with Ragnar's marriage to Aslaug and divorce of Lagertha he became Ragnar's legitmate son and heir. He is the second oldest of Ragnar's son and arguably the most mellow. He also closely resembles his father when he was a young man. He was married to Margrethe, but he is now married to Torvi, who was previously his older brother, Bjorn's wife with whom now has a son with her named Ragnar after Ubbe's father.


Season 2

Ubbe was born in the seven year gap between Season 2 Episodes 1 and 2. 

A young Ubbe is mostly seen with his mother Aslaug and his younger brother, Hvitserk. Ubbe flees with Aslaug, Hvitserk, Rollo, Siggy, and Helga after Jarl Borg invades Kattegat.

Ragnar eventually returns from England, whereupon he is reunited with his family. With the assistance of Lagertha and Bjorn, his first family, he takes back Kattegat from Jarl Borg. To exact revenge, Ragnar performs the blood eagle on Jarl Borg.

Season 3

An older Ubbe is seen playing with his little brothers, Hvitserk and Sigurd.

One day while Aslaug is away, Ubbe and Hvitserk wander off by themselves and onto a frozen lake. Siggy pursues them, calling out their names. Despite hearing her, the sons of Ragnar ignore her cries for them to return. Suddenly, the ice breaks under their combined weight, and Siggy watches in horror as both boys plunge in. Without hesitation, she doffs her long cloak and dives right into the icy depths below, thus saving their lives, with the help of Harbard. Unfortunately her noble act costs Siggy her life, and she tragically drowns.

Season 4

At he start of season 4, Ubbe and a hunting party are searching for Floki, who had escaped his chains after being arrested by Bjorn for killing Athelstan. Ubbe spots Floki hiding underwater, and they recapture him. Both Ubbe and Hvitserk receive their arm rings from Ragnar in order for them to travel to Paris with him - but not to fight. The Franks attack the Viking camp, but Ubbe and the others manage to escape. Sadly, Helga is grievously wounded. After the Vikings' defeat under the leadership of Rollo and the Franks, Ubbe returns to Kattegat with the remainder of the broken and defeated Viking army.

Ten years after Ragnar disappeared, Ubbe has grown into a strong, skillful, and proficient warrior, as have all of Ragnar's sons - except for Ivar. As a young man, Ubbe has come to resemble Ragnar in his youth. Bjorn brings the news to his brothers that the Viking settlement in Wessex was destroyed by the Saxons. Together, the brothers discuss why Ragnar didn't tell anyone. Ubbe states that if it is true that Ragnar kept it a secret, then he hopes that their father never comes back. Ivar gets angry at Ubbe for insulting Ragnar, referring to them as "Christians", and insulting them by calling them soft. Angry, Ubbe tells Ivar that none of Ragnar's sons are soft. As a son of Ragnar, Ubbe doesn't care so much about his father's warrior fame but rather what he used his power for, which is what would interest him personally.

At this point, Ragnar walks back into Kattegat after a decade long absence. He reunites with his now-grown up sons and challenges one of them to kill him (focusing on Ubbe) in order to become the new king. This is reminiscent of Ragnar's defeat of Earl Haraldson back in the first season, when he had to kill him in order to assume his new position as King of Kattegat.

None of Ragnar's sons dare step forward to challenge their father except for Ubbe; however, they just embrace. Ragnar and his sons discuss the lost Wessex settlement and why he came back. He then asks his sons to accompany him to England.

Ubbe, along with Sigurd, decide to stay in Kattegat in order to protect their mother. They are invited to Hedeby by Lagertha, where they dine together. Lagertha then returns to Kattegat and usurps the throne from Aslaug, to become queen of Kattegat. In one of her first acts as the new queen, she kills Aslaug with an arrow to the back, as revenge for taking Ragnar and her former life away. Upon finding out about his mother's death, Ubbe attempts to kill Lagertha, but fails to do so when he is stopped by her guards. He quite naturally wants vengeance on her for murdering his mother. Ubbe and Sigurd are closely guarded by Lagatha's warriors, despite Astrid's advice to kill Aslaug's sons.

Ivar safely returns to Kattegat from England, and informs them that Ragnar has been handed over to King Aelle. In all probability, Ragar was already long dead, but it is their duty to cross the seas to avenge him. To Ivar's fury, Ubbe tells him that their mother is dead. Odin himself then approaches Ubbe and his brothers to confirm that yes, their father is dead, too. Angry and orphaned, Ubbe and Ivar make an attempt to murder Lagertha, but are stopped by Bjorn, who tells them that they will have to kill him, too, if they try to harm his mother. When Ivar suggests that perhaps they should undertake that task, Ubbe angrily tells him to shut up.

Ubbe frees and marries the slave girl, Margrethe. Ubbe, Hvitserk, Sigurd, Ivar and their big brother Bjorn then form the Great Heathen Army to battle the Saxons, this time for vengeance for Ragnar. They easily defeat the forces of Northumbria, and Bjorn kills King Aelle with the dread blood eagle, poetically performed at the same spot in the woods where the Saxons threw Ragnar into a pit of snakes. The Great Heathen Army then face the forces of Wessex, confusing and outmaneuvering them; this causes the Saxons to retreat.

The Vikings also manage to capture King Ecbert. Ivar demands a blood eagle for him as well, but Bjorn decides otherwise. Bjorn allows King Ecbert to choose his own stiletto in order to commit suicide in his bath, but not before he has King Ecbert sign over his lands to the Vikings to farm, which was always Ragnar's dream - to settle into a new world and establish a Viking colony there. Little did Bjorn and his brothers know, but King Ecbert had previously renounced the crown to his son, Aethelwulf. In doing so, the lands that King Ecbert signed away were no longer his to bestow; therefore, he double crossed the Vikings and got the last laugh, despite his defeat and death at their hands.

Afterwards, Season 4 ends with the sons of Ragnar watching in horror as Ivar murders Sigurd in a fit of rage, by hurling an axe into his stomach. Ivar is petulant because the others are angry with him, but he shows no remorse for killing Sigurd.

Season 5

Ubbe, Hvitserk, and Ivar rule jointly over their newly acquired land in East Anglia. Floki decides to leave The Great Heathen Army to sail "to wherever the gods take me." The sons of his old friend Ragnar Lothbrok say their farewells to him. Alone, Ivar tries to convince Floki to stay and help fight the Saxons. But with the deaths of his best friend Ragnar and the sad loss of his Helga, Floki tells him that there is nothing for him to really live for anymore. Ivar breaks down and cries, saying that his heart is broken. Almost tenderly, Floki embraces Ivar, fondly referring to the son that he wished he had as "Ivar the Boneless, scourge of the world." In a poignant scene, the Vikings line the shoreline as Floki sails away in his one-man boat, shouting: "All hail Floki! All hail Floki!" He doesn't look back.

Ubbe and Hvitserk argue with Ivar over what to do next. The two older brothers want to make peace with the Saxons. But Ivar has bigger plans - he convinces them to take their forces and head North to York, where they can build themselves a stronghold and a staging arena for other battles to come. The brothers reluctantly admit that this is a sound strategy, and they head to York.

Once there, Ubbe recalled an old lesson of Ragnar's: that it was always best to attack the Saxons during one of their special Saints' Days. They captured two young boys in order to find out when the next one would be, and then attacked the Saxon worshipers, slaughtering them all. Ivar took it another level by pouring the melted gold from the bishop's own cross into his mouth. Ubbe seemed moved by the nun who fell into his arms after she slit her own wrists; he lowered her body almost reverentially onto the floor of the church, staring into her eyes as the life left them.

After the successful attack and occupation of the city, Hvitserk and Ubbe go to speak with Ivar. They are surprised to see that he now has bodyguards, who initially tried to stop them. Ubbe just stared them down until they stepped aside.

They find Ivar getting a large snake tattooed on to his back, and ask him why he needs bodyguards. "Because I'm a cripple!" he states. However, he then shows his brothers the newly created leg braces and crutches that were specially made in order for him to walk on his own.

The Saxons, led by King Aethelwulf and Bishop Heahmund, enter the town through a section of the old Roman walls, which were purposefully untouched by Ivar, in order to lure the Saxons into the town. The Saxons suffer a crushing defeat and flee.

Afterwards, Ubbe and Hvitserk propose a truce. They want to parley with the Saxons. Ubbe brings up the fact that Ragnar's ultimate dream was to farm the land in this new country. He wants to claim the lands that King Ecbert signed over to them, but Ivar does not think this is a good idea. He wants to continue to battle and conquer the Saxons.

Ubbe and Hvitserk secretly ride off into the night to try and negotiate with the Saxons. Aethelwulf seemingly accepts their offer, but Heahmund arranges to have the brothers humiliated by killing off their men, beating them up, and then laughing as the two sons of Ragnar Lothbrok flee into the night and back to their camp.

With his two older brothers' humiliation at the hands of their enemies, Ivar secures his position as the leader of The Great Army. Ubbe and Hvitserk do not want to accept their younger brother as the leader, and they prepare to leave for Kattegat with their remaining followers. However, at the last minute, Hvitserk decides to remain with Ivar, much to Ubbe's sorrow and disappointment.

Ubbe thus returns to Kattegat, where he is reunited with his wife, Margrethe, and decides to stop sharing her with Hvitserk. Lagertha proposes that they ally against Ivar and King Harald Finehair, and Ubbe agrees. Floki returns to Kattegat with tales of his fabulous new land, and recruits settlers to return there with him. Ubbe informs Floki about the situation with Ivar.

After Bjorn leaves Torvi for Princess Snaefrid, Ubbe ends up kissing Torvi when he tries to comfort her.

Ubbe and his allies discuss how to respond to Ivar's attack, and decide to meet him in battle on land. They assume that Ivar will not attack the town from the sea. Margrethe continues to urge Ubbe to betray Lagertha, so that when she is defeated and Bjorn dies, Ubbe can become King of Kattegat.

After two months, the combined forces of Ubbe, Lagertha, and Bjorn line up against the armies of Ivar, King Harald, and Hvitserk. They meet above Kattegat, and Lagertha sends emissaries to negotiate a hostage trade: Hvitserk for Halfdan.

Ubbe tries to persuade Hvitserk to join him, but he is unsuccessful in turning him to his side. The leaders of both armies meet again the next day. Bjorn implores Ivar to consider the possibility of Peace, telling him that a civil war would only bring tragedy, and “a lifetime of revenge obligations for those who survive.”

Ultimately, the attempt at a treaty fails, and the time has come to battle. Ivar agrees, but then mockingly tricks Ubbe and his allies. Before the start of the battle, Ivar positions a third of the army towards shore, to protect their fleet. Hvitserk and his group try to flank, but are ambushed in the forest by the Sami. After the battle begins, Ubbe and Lagertha gain the upper hand, as Harald's forces are outflanked. Ivar does not help his ally. Heahmund is wounded, and King Harald retreats. Lagertha refuses to kill Bishop Heahmund, and gives orders that his life be spared.

Ubbe, Bjorn, Lagertha, Torvi, Halfdan, King Svase and Snaefrid and Guthrum do fight in the second Civil War of Kattegat. However, due to Rollo supporting Ivar and lending him his men, they end up losing the fight and the death of Halfdan, Guthrum, Svase and Snaefrid, they were  later forced settle in the similiar spot where Ragnar's family hid after the invasion of Jarl Borg. Ubbe and Margrethe's relationship begins to crumble as she gets extremely with the development in Ubbe's and Torvi's relation. Ubbe later decides to leave for England and leaving Margrethe stating to Torvi saying that she is too dangerous.

The following night, Ubbe, Bjorn Lagertha, Heahmund, Torvi and a small group of Vikings to Kattegat to get a ship and to sail to Wessex.

When they reach Wessex, they learn from Aethelred that Aetheulwulf has passed and Alfred is the new king of Wessex. Ubbe, Bjorn and Lagertha are later brought up infront of the Alfred and agree to fight against any other Viking invasion. 

During their stay in Wessex, Bjorn and Ubbe try to negociate with Alfred saying that they have a legal claim to the lands in East Anglia. However, Alfred lets them know the truth of how Ecbert rennounced the crown to Aethelwulf before they arrived with the Great Heathen Army and hence, he had no legal right to offer them the land . Feeling betrayed, Ubbe tried to convince Alfred to sign the documents for the lands. Alfred refuses him saying that a lot of nobles are against the decision and hence they had to prove their loyalty towards him.

Ubbe is summouned by Alfred. Alfred suggests Ubbe to be baptized as it will be a sign of an enemy accepting God infront of the public. Ubbe says that he needs to give this idea a thought. He later agrees to it and is baptized with Torvi.

Bjorn introduces Magnus to his family saying that Magnus claims to be a son of Ragnar through Kwenthrith. Ubbe and Lagertha both disagree with this as they were told that Ragnar did not have sex with her. Ubbe also believes that they should not betray Alfred on his word. Ubbe agrees to fight against King Harald Finehair with Alfred. Ubbe goes up to Harlad to sought out this problem through a negociation. Harald later gets to know that Ubbe has made a fool out of him and has allowed the army to cover Harlad's flanks. This ultimately leads Ubbe, Bjorn, Lagertha and Torvi to fight in the Battle of Marton. The battle is won by the West Saxons but, Lagertha disappears and Bishop Heahmund killed by Gunnhild.

Alfred later signs the documents for the legal claim for East Anglia to form farming settlements. Bjorn later tells Ubbe that he has to go back to Kattegat to claim it from Ivar and shows his respect to Ubbe by saying that he has done what Bjorn couldn't. 

Ubbe and Torvi are later summouned by Alfred saying that 3 Black Dane Kings and their army of around 3000 warriors are planning to raid Wessex. Ubbe suggests that he should be the leader of Alfred's army. He and Torvi later go the kings Angantyr , Hemming and Frodo to negociate with them. Ubbe offers the 3 kings to settle in East Anglia. Both Hemming and Angantyr agree to this deal but, Frodo refuses and wants to raid Wessex. Feeling furious, Ubbe challenges Frodo to a single combat. Badly injured, he manages to stab Frodo in the back and ends up winning the combat. 

Ubbe who was laying in bed expresses his beliefs in the old gods and how the Christ God never helped in win the fight, as the spirits of Odin, Thor and Freyr gave him the spirit to win this fight.

Ubbe, Torvi and Lagertha prepare to leave for Kattegat as Alfred was wishing him good luck for his journey. Ubbe also shows Alfred his respect by saying that there is no one as good as Alfred to lead this kingdom. After Ivar's defeat, Ubbe and Torvi reach Kattegat where Ubbe and Bjorn smile at each other and hug. Ubbe does notice Hvitserk and sees that how Lagertha returns with the Sword of Kings and declares Bjorn as the new King of Kattegat.

Season 6

Bjorn becomes the new King of Kattegat and throws out White Hair and other members who were loyal to Ivar. During Ubbe's time at Kattegat, he meets up wit Kjetill Flatnose whom he thinks was Floki. Later Ubbe and Bjorn were found in the Great Hall discussing if Bjorn should save Harald or not. Ubbe says that the decision is up to Bjorn as he is not king. He also meets up with Kjetill who tells him about Iceland and the mysterious wanderer Othere. Ubbe says that he wants to go there and tells Kjetill to come with him.

He later goes back to Lagertha's house bringing resources and farm animals to rebuild her farm. While having their meals, Ubbe shares that he is going with Kjetill to Iceland and suggests Torvi to stay at home since she is pregnant with Ubbe's child. However, Torvi lectures him about her not compromising her own life with other men. Bjorn soon shows up to Lagertha's house and asks Ubbe and Torvi to temporally rule Kattegat on his behalf, since he is going away to help Harald because Hvitserk was way to sick and drunk to take care of his own health. Ubbe and Torvi agree and decide to stay back.

Ubbe announces himself to be the new law-giver and his will to enforce trade missions through the ancient Silk Road which would be lead by Hvitserk. Ubbe later goes up to Hviserk to tell him about his new role. Both the brothers embrace as Hvitserk starts to cry and Ubbe tries th shush him calmly.  When the boats were ready, Ubbe finds Hvitserk missing and asks the men to go find him. Hvitserk is later dragged into the Great Hall infornt of Ubbe, Gunnhild, Torvi and Amma. Feeling furious and betrayed, Ubbe says that he doesn't want to see Hvitserk anymore and tells the crew members to elect a leader among themselves.

The following night, Gunnhild has a dream of a village being burnt and tells Ubbe and Torvi about her dreams saying it could be Lagertha's village. Ubbe refuses her saying that since he is stuck with his new responsibilities, so is she.

The travellers who were a part of the trade mission come back quickly to tell them that Ivar is alive and resides in Novgorod with Oleg. Ubbe who is not suprised with the fact that Ivar is still alive, goes up to Amma to tell her to inform Hvitserk about this.

In 'The Ice Maiden ' Ubbe and Torvi find Lagertha's body. Distressed Torvi goes to Kattegat while Ubbe sends two scouts to search for Hvitserk. Ubbe is later seen talking to The Seer about who killed Lagertha and later learns that Hali is dead. Ubbe later apologizes to Torvi for not letting her go to check out for the situation. Hvitserk is later found in the woods, and Ubbe trues to have a talk with him. But, Hvitserk ends up sleeping.  When Bjorn returns, he brings Hvitserk to court and arrests him for killing Lagertha. Ubbe tries to help out Hvitserk and ask him to ask Bjorn for mercy. However, Hvitserk reminds him of how Lagertha killed their mother and how the prophecy for him matched it. Ubbe gives out a smile and leaves. The next day, Hvitserk is lead to a pyre to be burnt. However, Bjorn signals Ubbe which allowed Ubbe to save Hvitserk. Hvitserk is later banished away. Ubbe, Torvi, Asa and Kjetill leave for Iceland and do reach over there where Ubbe and Torvi are introduced to Kjetill's family. 

They later meet Othere and get to know about the Golden Land. Ubbe asks Othere to join him to the voyage of the Golden Land to which Othere agrees to. The following night, Torvi is giving birth to her child. As Othere prays and the settlers help her, she gives birth to baby boy. Ubbe announces that he and Torvi have decided to name him Ragnar , after his grandfather . Ubbe thanks Othere but expose him as a Christian as he did recognise the prayers to the Christ God. Othere tells everyone that his actual name is Athelstan, to which Ubbe starts laughing at. However Torvi reminds him that at a time Ubbe was batized and he prayed to Christian God as well. Othere comes up to Ubbe in private and gives him Floki's wedding ring. Ubbe asks him if Floki is alive or if Kjetill did anything to him. Othere says that he has no idea and begs Ubbe to take him to the journey to the Golden Land. Ubbe later asks that if his actual name is Athelstan or not. He exlcaims while going saying that Othere has no idea that what that name means to him .This show that Ubbe might have interacts or heard about Athelestan in the past.


As a son of Ragnar, Ubbe has grown up on the tales of his legendary father's bravery and glory in battle. Despite his youth, he is sharp and assertive, able to track Floki through the wilderness and cunning enough to spot him in the water. His loyalty to his father is unquestionable, along with his loyalty to his brothers - especially his older half-brother Bjorn, much to his mother Aslaug's displeasure.

As a young man, Ubbe is the most sensitive and compassionate of Ragnar's sons. He even treats the slaves with compassion. As an example, he asks Margrethe to sleep with Ivar instead of forcing her. He doesn't rape women on raids and even shows a moment of compassion to a nun that slit her own wrists during the attack on York. Ubbe strives to put other people before himself, and wants to fulfill his father's dream of settling and farming in The New World. Contrary to his preference for diplomacy, Ubbe does love fighting and killing his enemies. Like his father, Ubbe possesses a curiosity for other cultures.

Ubbe is the only member of his family who has a healthy relationship with all of the other members. While at times frustrated with his parents, he loved them both deeply and accepted their faults. He was the only one, besides Ivar, who was enraged enough at his mother's murder to attempt to kill Lagertha. He decided to acquiesce when Bjorn defended his mother from his half brother's wrath.

Ubbe deeply loves all of his brothers, and was the only one to legitimately care for Ivar, feeling pity for him when it was revealed his deformity left him impotent, while Hvitserk and Sigurd laughed. Although Ubbe was smart enough to be wary of Ivar and his temper, he underestimated his younger brother's instability, manipulative nature, and ferocity. He was shocked when Ivar killed Sigurd, and again when Ivar convinced the Great Army to dismiss his leadership and instead follow Ivar to war with the Saxons. After this development, Ubbe begins to develops a deep hatred of Ivar. Ubbe cares for his brother as he is deeply saddened after the death of Sigurd and Ubbe tries to persuade Hvitserk to side with him as he does not want to have to kill him. Ubbe even tries reconcile with Ivar after being usurped and humiliated by Ivar.

An intelligent and capable leader, Ubbe assisted first Bjorn, and later Ivar, in helping to lead the Great Army. He shows quick thinking and resourcefulness in battle, leading the men under him to victory. He is a skilled warrior, fearless on the battlefield; however, Ivar is the great tactician. At times brash and impulsive, Ubbe unthinkingly tried to attack Lagertha in the Great Hall after learning that she murdered Aslaug. His impulsiveness also led him to try and make peace with the Saxons without aid. This decision ultimately led to the deaths of his soldiers, the humiliating beating at the hands of Bishop Heahmund, and the loss of all his supporters in the Great Army, even Hvitserk.

Ubbe is also very opened minded out of all of his brother as, he agreed with Alfred to be baptized with Torvi. He also accepts Hali and Asa by raising them as his own children (despite the fact that Bjorn is their biological father). During his meet with Harald,Gunhild and Olavsson, he explains that if Ragnar was alive, he would have understood that why Ubbe agreed to be baptized.

Ubbe is a great warrior on the battlefield who has fought bravely with swords,axes,knives and shields. He is also more of a warrior orientated fighter unlike his brother Hvitserk who tends to go complete beserk during battles. Also Ubbe is one of the only brothers with Bjorn who has taken either few or no hits during the battle.


  • As of the Season 2 finale, Ubbe and his brothers would be known by the Old Norse title Budlungr or 'prince'.
  • Ubbe is best remembered as one of the principle leaders, along with his brothers, Ivar the Boneless and Halfdan (Hvitserk), of the unified Danish Viking army which the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles refers to as the Mycel Heathen Here (the Great Heathen Army). Ubbe reportedly assisted with the Danish conquests of the kingdoms of Northumbria, East Anglia and the northern half of Mercia. Ubbe also led raiding expeditions against the Welsh kingdoms, notably Dyfed whenever he wasn't in England.
  • Ubbe's base of power may have been on the island of Walcheren in the mouth of the River Scheldt in Frisia (modern Netherlands), as the Danish Vikings had been operating within the country during the two decades leading up to the Danish conquests in England from 865 CE onward. From there, a number of Frisians, a coastal plains-dwelling people who were known themselves for their piratical activities, may have been recruited into the Mycel Heathen Here.
  • Ubbe and his brother Ivar are said to have killed the English King Edmund of East Anglia. Ubbe was killed in the Battle of Cynwit in Devonshire, England in 878. He was 53 years old.



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