Uppsala is an important religious, economic and political centre in Svithjod or Svealand (Land of the Swedes). In Vikings, it's located in a mountainous region and supervised by the high Priest of Uppsala.


The Temple at Uppsala is shrine said to be adorned with gold, found on the plain and encircled by mountains. Found here are magnificent idols or statues of three of the major Æsir gods: Thor, Odin, and Freyr.

For the worship of their Gods, devotees come here for a traditional pilgrimage, a festival of sorts for Swedes customarily held at Uppsala every nine years, around the time of the vernal equinox. For nine days, feasts and sacrifices are celebrated. Every day, one human and some animals are offered up as thanks to the gods, their blood meant to appease the gods. By the end of the pilgrimage, 72 beings are sacrificed. Their bodies are hanged in a sacred grove adjacent to the temple. The trees in the grove are believed to be holy because of the death or putrefaction of the sacrificial victims.


  • This Uppsala is now called "Gamla Uppsala" (Swedish "Old Uppsala"), now a parish and a village, and one of the oldest towns in Sweden. It is located just a few kilometers outside the modern-day Uppsala, which was called East Aros at the time Vikings take place. 
  • Traditionally, the king of the Svear (Swedes) would preside over the rituals and sacrifices carried out during the Blots at Uppsala, since the location was the political and religious centre of Svealand (original Swedish homeland). It could be interpreted from this episode that King Horik, who was present to perform the human sacrifices, was the king over the Svear as well as the Danish people.
  • The temple in the show is based on the design of the Uppåkra temple and Norwegian stave churches.
  • The actual location is nothing like the real Uppsala, or Old Uppsala, since Uppsala lies on a plain, far from any mountains.