Vikings: Valhalla is an upcoming historical action-fiction drama television series created by screenwriter Jeb Stuart, and a spin-off to History Channel's Vikings. This series starts a century after the original series and will tell the tales of some of the best known Northmen in history: Leif Erikson, Freydís Eiríksdóttir, Harald Hardrada and the Norman King William the Conqueror (a Viking descendant).


Set many years after the adventures in Vikings, the end of the Viking Age draws ever closer as England stands tall against its Nordic raiders. After the death of King Edward the Confessor, three lords make claim to the English throne, changing the future of England forever.

Leif Erikson has just lead a ship of Greenlanders across the North Atlantic. He is extremely loyal to his family, but has trouble with his father, Erik the Red. Freydis Eriksdotter is Vidar's wild half-sister. A sexual assault by a group of Christian Vikings has made her violently anti-Christian and she becomes the ringleader and defender of the Old Norse religion against the rising tide of Christianity that is flooding Scandinavia, and will look for a new home for her people.

She is romantically drawn into a relationship with Torsen, a well-spoken Christian Viking from a Royal family. He has just survived the St. Brice's Day massacre, the attempted genocide of Scandinavians ordered by King Æthelred the Unready. Torsen is part of a battalion that is being assembled by King Harald Hardrada to avenge the massacre. He is guided by Alienor, his wise queen and Earl Colby, an ambitious Anglo-Saxon counselor.


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