Wessex (West Saxons) is an Anglo-Saxon kingdom located in the south of England.

In Vikings

It is likely that Wessex is the strongest kingdom in England at this time, due to the recent civil war in the once powerful Kingdom of Mercia. Wessex was ruled by King Ecbert. Aethelwulf was made King before Ecbert's capture. Wessex borders the Kingdom of Mercia along the Thames River.

The monastic settlement of Winchester, which was raided by the notorious Northman, Ragnar Lothbrok, is located within Wessex.

Wessex currently had a military alliance with the Kingdom of Northumbria, under King Aelle. It now claims sovereignty over the Kingdom of Mercia, as Mercia's last male heir abdicated his rights to the throne and declared Ecbert his heir.

Wessex is now currently ruled by King Alfred.


The current king of Wessex is King Alfred.

The court of Wessex is composed:

Former members of the court:

Former, deceased members of the court:

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