Francia or West Francia is a Frankish kingdom located in western Europe. Far larger than any of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, its capital of Paris serves as the seat of Frankia's current Emperor, Charles.

This kingdom is the predecessor to the modern country of France.


West Francia was originally a part of the vast Carolingian Empire, which was formed by Emperor Charles the Great, better known as Charlemagne. At the height of their power, Charlemagne and his Franks ruled over a dominion that stretched across present day France, Germany, northern Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and a number of other Western European territories. Following Charlemagne's death in 814 C.E, his vast empire passed to his son, Emperor Louis the Pious. After Louis died in 840 C.E, the Frankish empire was divided amongst three of the late emperor's sons. West Francia was the name given to the kingdom inherited by Emperor Charles II, which includes much of what is now called France.


This kingdom is ruled by Emperor Charles, a son of Louis the Pious, and grandson of Charlemagne. The heir presumptive is the Emperor's only child, Princess Gisla.

The court of Frankia is composed:

Former members of the court:

Former, deceased members of the court:

  • French Archbishop †;
  • Count Odo †;
  • Count Roland †;
  • noblewoman Therese †.


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