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West Francia, (Latin: Francia occidentalis) or the Kingdom of the West Franks, is the western part of the Frankish Empire established by Charlemagne. It is the earliest stage of the Kingdom of France. It lasted from about 840 until 987 AD. Its capital is the city of Paris, where the current ruler, Emperor Charles II reigns.

In Vikings[]

The famous Viking, Ragnar Lothbrok, dreams of raiding Paris after learning of its wealth. After a failed siege, Ragnar does successfully raid the city. However, Paris is also the place where he and his brother Rollo break their relationship. Rollo turns his back on his own people to become the Duke of Normandy and marry Emperor Charles' daughter Princess Gisela de Francie Occidentale.

Notable Locations:[]

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In History[]

West Francia was originally part of the Carolingian Empire, which was formed by Charles the Great, better known as Charlemagne. Following his death inn 814 AD, his vast empire passed to his son, Emperor Louis the Pious. Upon his death in 840 AD, the empire was divided amongst his sons. West Francia was the name given to the kingdom inherited by Emperor Charles II, which includes much of present-day France.