White Hair (Old Norse: Hvithár) is the leader of Ivar's bodyguards.


Season 5

He participated at the Siege of Kattegat and killed Magnus. He fled with his master, Ivar, when Bjorn, Hvitserk, Gunnhild, Harald, and their army succeed in entering the city thanks to Freydis' betrayal. He and the surviving members of Ivar's hird were declared Skogarmaors

Season 6

White Hair subsequently led attacks on Lagertha's village killing many of the villagers and killing Bjorn's son Hali. White Hair and his bandits again attack Lagertha's village during which White Hair beheads Skadi who comes to Gunnhild's aid. The villagers overcome the bandits' charge due to their clever series of traps and ambush techniques which results in White Hair coming face-to-face with Lagertha in a duel which ends in Lagertha stabbing White Hair in the neck with her broken shield and then cutting his throat with his own sword, killing him and avenging Hali.


  • White Hair's appearance is significantly different from his early appearance in Season 5A and his late appearance in Season 5B. Originally a more well-groomed man, he is shown later with massive scars and wild hair and beard. His left eye is also white and dead.
  • He wasn't referred to as "White Hair" until the episode The Key by Lagertha, where she referred to him by his name. That name was in the credits since Season 5.
  • White Hair is the last character killed by Lagertha.


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