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Ziyadat Allah is the powerful Emir of Ifriqiya. He is ruler of the Aghlabid dynasty and is recognized by most people as the most powerful leader in the Mediterranean.


Season 5

Emir Ziyadat Allah welcomes Bjorn, Halfdan, and Sinric when they arrive in his town with Kassia and Commander Euphemius. He gives the appearance of being a tolerant and friendly man, but is a conquering, strategic, Machiavellian schemer. He offers to trade with the Vikings. He informs Bjorn that he speaks Old Norse, thanks to the Kievan Vikings. At the same time, Commander Euphemius disappears.

At a banquet that night, the Emir informs the group that the commander had defected to support the Byzantines and has been captured and executed. The Vikings and Sinric realize that Euphemius is the meal they are eating and that Kassia is more powerful than she seems. Sinric says that they should leave and return to their ships because Kassia s the one behind everything that has happened and that she is dangerous. Before they can escape, the trio are arrested and about to be executed on Kassia's orders when a sandstorm suddenly approaches. Sinric tells Halfdan and Bjorn that they can use the sandstorm to escape. They manage to fight off their captors, return to their ships, and sail back to Kattegat.


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